Jan 27 2014

Types of Garage Door Repair

Most modern garage doors and openers are made from top quality materials. The construction process involved in making them is also quite complex. However, it is a well-known fact that with any kind of technological system or device, something can always go wrong. If your door or opener fails to work, it is important that you immediately try and investigate the cause of the problem. It could be a broken part, a jammed up transmitter signal or something interfering with the door openers frequency. The following some of the aspects involved in garage door repair:

Spring repair

Trying to fix the spring on your door can at times prove to be very difficult and in some cases dangerous. A poorly done spring repair can lead to damage in the openers or the doors themselves. It can even lead the person doing the repairs sustaining injuries. If you are not well-conversed with the repairs, tools and procedures, it is advisable that you hire professional technicians.

Torsion spring replacement and repair

The torsion springs found on the doors are under a high amount of tension and it can be extremely dangerous for a person who has no experience in garage door or garage door opener repair. A torsion spring is a crucial component of the doors opening ability and its lift power. Their tightness makes their replacement somewhat hazardous. Qualified technicians can repair torsion springs fairly quickly, safely and efficiently.

Garage Door Repair

Cable repair

Just like the springs found on the doors, the repair or replacement of the door cables responsible for pulling the door up and down involves quite a complex process and can be dangerous for non-professionals. If you happen to notice a broken cable, make sure that you have it repaired as soon as possible.

Bent or broken roller repair

A roller replacement involves a complex process and usually includes the use of specialized tools. It usually means unbolting and then tilting the hinge bolts, sliding the roller out and finally replacing it. If you intend to perform such a repair on your own, it is important that you remember that your doors weight needs to be supported throughout the entire process.

Misaligned, bent or rusted track repair

In case one of your two garage door tracks happens to get misaligned, it is important that you remember that there is more to fixing it than just hammering it straight. In reality, if you try to straighten the track while it is still in place, it will lead to further damage to your opening system. When it comes to this type of garage door repair, it is best you hire professionals.

Preventative measures

Another crucial component is having preventive measures. Having regular inspections and maintenance checks will help to keep your doors in the proper working condition. This will also help to save you on costs that would arise in future due to emergency repairs. The best way to practice preventive measures is to have qualified technicians inspect your doors from time to time. In addition, it is best you immediately address any door issues that you see.

Jan 27 2014

Important Garage Door Repair Tips

garage door repair informationMost families today use their garage door as their main point of entry into their home. At times, we tend to forget or rather take for granted the three hundred independent moving parts that enable the safe opening and closing of our garage doors. If any of these parts happen to fail or wear and tear leads them to work improperly, it can lead to huge damage costing home owners hundred of dollars. That is why garage door repair is so important.

Weather Elements

The seasons of the year tend to affect the way the doors operate. Fluctuating temperatures tend to take a heavy toll on the springs found in the doors and openers. It is important that you schedule regular tune-ups to avoid damage during the cold winter season. Having professional technicians perform a general diagnostic service will ensure that all the sections of the doors such as the track, hinges, rollers, counterbalance system and external weather seal are in the proper state. In regards to weather, garage door repairs could mean the tightening of screws and bolts, lubrication of hinges, rollers, sprockets, chains and springs. In some situations, you might need to have your door rebalanced, adjust the openers and safety settings, have the down force pressure checked and align electronic eyes for the openers where it applies. Some professional do a 20-point check safety check system, but there is usually no additional charges. In extreme cases, a person may need to install a totally new door, openers, garage flooring and other accessories.

Unexpected situations

It is most likely that a state of panic would arise if your homes garage door wasn’t working properly. This is especially true if your car is stuck inside, or if your children couldn’t get into the house after school or perhaps if your door was stuck in an open position and your belongings were at risk. Usually, a person requires door repairs at the worst possible time. In order to avoid such situations, you can put in place proper maintenance measures for your door and openers. This will prevent you from using huge sums of money on repairs or on replacing stolen goods. If you have an annual tune-up, it will help to ensure that you do not face such kinds of risks in future.


In host home robberies, thieves come in through the garage door. Having a door that is broken can present criminals with a crime of opportunity. This is why it is highly important for homeowners to keep their doors in good working condition. This usually means attending to any repair needs as soon as possible. Some of the common problems that most homeowners face with their doors include:

-Failure to open and close

-The door sticking whenever it is opened or closed

-Non responsive systems

-Damage to the physical integrity of the door

All the above situations can lead to either physical harm or loss of property. In case you are having such problems with your door, it is important that you hire qualified professionals to deal with the issues as soon as possible.

Jan 27 2014

Get to Know the Garage Door Opener

In simple terms, garage door openers are motorized devices, which are used for the opening and closing of both home and commercial garage doors. The switches for the openers are usually found somewhere on the garage wall. In some cases, the openers are controlled via a remote controller that the homeowner has. Door openers are specifically designed to be quiet, durable and highly powerful. In the case of automatic overhead door openers, their design is based on performance needs. If you happen to combine an overhead door opener with your one of your garage doors, you would have created an integrated system that will lead to maximized performance and reliability levels. Automatic openers tend to come with different power levels so that they are able to handle various garage door sizes and weights. In addition, each automatic opener comes with some standard, in-built functions to provide homeowners with ultimate safety, power and convenience. They also come with a wide range of accessories.


Door openers are intended to make a person’s arrival and departure from their home as fairly smooth as possible. In order to make this possible, the openers come with various accessories that boost their functionality and practicability. If your door happens to be old and you are considering replacing it, you can take your pick from a wide range of openers. It is important to pick an opener that best suits your needs. There are those openers that come with the new remote control entry keypad. They are highly ideal for a modernized home. If you don’t want to replace your entire opening system, you can then replace a few parts to promote efficiency and effectiveness.

new garage door openers

There are a wide number of companies that sell and install garage door openers. However, it is important that you do adequate research on the company you intend to hire to install your openers. It is possible for homeowners to customize their own garage door openers. Homeowners have the option of designing their openers the way they want and have them installed in an area of the garage convenient for them or on the door itself.


When it comes to features of the standard home, the garage door is most likely the largest and most used home structure. This makes them very important but also potentially cumbersome. If you happen to have a garage door that is not properly adjusted, you face the risk of having fairly strong and potentially deadly forces exerted on the door. This could lead to the door failing to reverse in case of an emergency. The nipple springs found on the doors have to be properly adjusted so that the safety reverse system functions properly when needed. This makes the installation and maintenance an extremely crucial component of garage doors and openers. Without proper installation and adequate maintenance, the door openers cannot operate safely and smoothly, a situation that every homeowner hopes to avoid. Despite of the practicability and functionality of the door openers, safety still remains the most important aspect and especially in the case where there are children in the home.